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SO LONG ANGEL is a quartet fronted by singer/songwriter FRAN McGILLIVRAY.
FRAN's songs are of love, compassion and practicality. They are highly feminine, deeply compelling and, sung in her sultry blue tone, exceptionally emotive.
Appropriate to such a personal approach to composition, the band employ sublety and sensitivity in their playing; a stylish team creating texture and tension. However, with influences that range from FOLK/ROCK through BLUES to JAZZ, the musicians can groove with the best so there is always a surprise in store and the promise of great soloing from MIKE BURKE on guitar and ROLAND KEMP on keyboards.
Couple this with the powerful drum and bass of ROGER NUNN and FRAN herself, and the result is a popular and saleable creation.
Previously, Fran and Mike have performed under the names Frances Gilvray and Mick Burke