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The Road That You Believe In

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Reviews of 'The Road That You Believe In':

Folk Roots Magazine:

Fran McGillivray has been performing and recording since the late '60s, appearing on the second volume of the seminal British blues release Blues Like Showers of Rain (Matchbox SDM 167). Despite the years of touring , Fran's voice sounds as fresh as ever on this new CD, her vast experience giving her great control and confidence. Her singing shines on this selection of four covers and nine original songs, songs that she's co-written with long-time partner Mike Burke. Mike, on guitars, mandola, cajon, and harmonica, tastefully accompanies Fran as she sings her way through a range of material...contemporary, blues, ballads, and country. They recorded all the tracks at their home in South London and have made a very professional job of it. Dave Peabody - Folk Roots Magazine

Dave Peabody - Folk Roots Magazine

Blues Matters Magazine:

This duo have been playing folk and blues together since the mid-70s, and after playing our very own stage at Colne’s Blues festival a few years back, they decided to record a stripped back acoustic album. This CD really is back to basics and is quite sparse musically, letting the collection of self-penned and traditional numbers breathe. It is beautifully delivered, with McGillivray on vocals singing in a warm, slightly husky tone, whilst Burke accompanies her on guitar, with flourishes of harmonica and mandolin to add some colour. The guitar stays in the background and serves to compliment the overall picture and there isn’t a solo in sight, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable set. The sound is a very mellow, laid-back affair, bordering towards the folk side of the Blues, but Blues nonetheless, with tunes such as “Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor” and “Researching The Blues” upholding this case. A gorgeous “Wayfaring Stranger” is one highlight, as well as the soulful sermon “Message From My Heart”. It’s certainly not an album to throw on during a party, but the quiet simplicity of cuts such as “The Snows They melt The Soonest” and the title track will keep you warm during winter.

Andrew Baldwin - "Blues Matters" Magazine January 2010

Rock and Reel Magazine:

Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke mix original songs with blues covers such as “Dink’s Song” and “Make me a Pallet on your Floor” and the English tradition on “The road that you believe in”. Mike’s restrained resonator guitar and Fran’s earthy voice make an intriguing combination that puts a new twist on old music.

Rock and Reel Magazine January 2010

Ben Macnair - Blues in Britain Magazine

"The Road That You Believe In finds the musical partners Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke cover a lot of musical ground over the thirteen tracks of the latest release.

Fran's warm vocals mix well with the sympathetic finger picking acoustic guitar, mandola,cajon and harmonica playing of Mike, whilst support is provided by Roger Nunn on kit drums, percussion and djembe, whilst Jo Burke provides fiddle on one track.

Most of the tracks feature acoustic country blues overtones matched by the deep singing of Fran, who at times sounds like a mix of Rory Block and Bonnie Raitt, particularly on the traditional songs such as "dink's Song" and their effective versions of both "Wayfaring Stranger" and "Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor".

The duo's own songs come from the same deep well, with the traditional folk and blues style of "The Snows they melt the Soonest" and the title ballad "The road that you believe in" being the pick of the very good songs on this album that is worth a proper listen for fans of most forms of acoustic music"

Rating: 8 Ben Macnair - Blues in Britain Magazine

Andy Garland, BBC Radio Kent, Nov'09

"Absolutely lovely and gorgeous - had it on repeat in the car"

Jim Marshall, The Folk Diary - Nov'09

"There are so few Blues musicians playing the folk clubs these days so it's great to see and hear Fran and Mike still flying the flag.
This brand new album features Mike's superbly sharp guitar playing counterbalanced by Fran's effortless, but still earthy, vocals on a well thought - out set of material, ranging from traditional pieces like " Dink's Song" and "Wayfaring Stranger" to nine of their own joint compositions. Of the latter, I was particularly impressed with "I'd come running" and the CD's title song, but there wasn't a single track which didn't appeal."

Neil King, Fatea - Oct'09

"Having taken time out from being a folk/blues duo back in the late seventies to raise a family, Fran McGillivary and Mike Burke, returned to performing and recording with "Restless", an album they've just trumped with a new album "The Road That You Belive In". Stripped back to the basics, it's an album of such subtle beauty it could breathe life into the coldest of hearts. Similarly it's an album that'll have you convinced the Thames Estuary feeds into the Mississippi Delta. The songs are a collection of self penned and traditional, I don't think I've heard a stronger "Wayfaring Stranger"."


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